The Research and Study Centre History and Societies (CREHS) is a French higher education research centre (EA 4027) based at the University of Artois. It comprises historians, historians of art and of the arts, and archaeologists, mostly members of the University of Artois. Its curent membership (1 January 2018) stands at 32 full-time teachers and researchers (14 entitled to supervise doctoral students), 16 associate researchers and 20 doctoral students. It benefits from the close collaboration of a research engineer and a secretary, responsible for administration and research support, and of an ingénieur d’études in charge of scientific communication.

The research conducted by the CREHS covers the different periods of History (from ancient times to today) and is organized around three major themes: History of education, Religious identities, Heritage. Territories. Economy.

A particular emphasis is put upon research conducted within national and international research networks open to multidisciplinarity (ANR, GDR, etc.). The CREHS is also highly involved in the local and regional communities and devotes a large part of its work to the archaeology, history and heritage of the Spanish Netherlands (Artois, Flanders, Brabant, Hainaut…), which remain particularly important despite centuries of wars.

Located in the Maison de la Recherche (Arras), the CREHS offers researchers and doctoral students a privileged intellectual and material environment, less than two hours by train from most of the major archival depositories and centres of North Western Europe.